Portable Air Compressor for Car

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Getting stuck on the road with a flat tire and no mechanical expertise can be a cause of stress and anxiety.

  • Now you can adjust the tire pressure you want and inflate it wherever you are, without looking for a gas station with an air pump or fighting for change to Pay For Air.



The wrong air pressure can make your vehicle less efficient and cost you more at the gas pump.

More importantly, this can become a safety issue as the wrong pressure may cause a blowout.

  • This is your new "go-to" compressor. Real small, compact, powerful, fast, accurate, everything in ONCE!!
  • It's very small and fits easily in a glove compartment or a side pocket of a car.
  • This pump is perfect for your bike and peace of mind when traveling by car.


    it’s not just a wireless design. The mini and compact size makes it portable and simple to operate with one hand.

    • The best part of all, the cordless portable design of this air pump allows you to fill up tires of bicycles, motorcycles, and cars.
    •  We also provide 3 nozzle adaptors with the portable tire inflator which are quite useful, for mattresses, airboats, toys, inflatable balls, and more.



    This Little Compressor will be your Best Friend to help you get out of a Critical Situation.

    • You will stop wasting your time, driving to gas stations for pumps that eventually don't work, using flimsy plastic pumps.
    • Imagine that you have to inflate a flat tire when you're in a hurry and need to be somewhere, and the gas pump at the public gas station doesn't work is super frustrating.



    Main Features:

    • Ergonomic Design: Our digital air pump is very small, so that makes it very portable. And unlike regular tire inflators, it will save lots of space in your car!
    • Built to Last: The Portable Air Compressor was created with stainless steel and has the ability to handle strong impact.
    • Auto Pressure Check: Simply set the desired tire pressure on the car tire pump and will automatically turn off once the pressure reached.
    • Use at night: 2 built-in LED lights that can turn on automatically and the back display make Mini Compressor easy to use even at night.
    • High Capacity Rechargeable Battery: With 2000mAh Certified Lithium-Ion Battery, this portable Compressor is ready to inflate car, bike, ball, etc.
    • The USB charging port supports fast charging.




    Package Includes:

    • 1* Portable Air Compressor for Car / Motorcycle / Bike1* USB Charging Cable1* Air Hose1* Presta Valve1* Ball Needle1* Toy Nozzle1* User Manual

    Device Dimensions: 9 x 2.2 inches; 1.1 Pounds / 20*4.5*5.5 cm; 360gBatteries: 2 Lithium-ion batteries required. (included)

    NOTE: NOT recommended for van, bus, motorhome, truck.




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