Adjustable Breastfeeding Pillow

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  • Comfy And Cozy Baby Feeding Pillow
  • This Adjustable Baby Feeding Pad is Amazing!
  • They grow with your baby and make feeding time a breeze! 
  • Perfect for both breast or bottle-fed babies.
  • Even dads can use them!
  • These pillows promote healthy eating, anti-spitting up, and bonding between mom/dad/caretaker and baby.

  • Maintains good posture during feeding and prevents sore back and neck!
  • Height and Slope Can Be Adjusted, For the Baby to Control Comfort.



This pillow has so many positions that support babies with reflux.

  • Created with the expert advice of La Leche League.
  • This nursing and breastfeeding pillow provides the perfect support for you and your baby during breastfeeding and bottle feeding. 





  • The wide, cushioned base and firm lower section of this nursing and breastfeeding pillow provide stable and secure support for you and your baby.
  • This nursing pillow's ergonomic design and soft fabrics allow you to nurse or bottle-feed comfortably in any position, and the flexible neck support enables you to adjust the height for your comfort.

Now your baby is content and you can relax!

  • Easy To Store And Clean - Lifting a baby with a single-height pillow limits moms in very uncomfortable positions.
  • Machine wash warm on gentle cycle and tumble dry low.
  • Multi-function use, it can serve as a Pre-Natal pregnant pillow, Postnatal nursing pillow, sleeping pillow, and footpad. 


  • Filling: PP Cotton
  • Outer/lining: 100% polyester fiber (we only make high-quality products)
  • Size(Approx): 58 x 28cm/22.8 x 11inch
  •  Weight: 2lb /1200 grams

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